Written by : Gabriel Brown

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This post is dedicated to a dear friend, fellow patriot and brother in arms named Matthew Lyons who has recently passed away.

Although I only got to know Matthew going back as far as last May when we met in person at the May Day rally taking a stand against Antifa Communists; I had gotten to know him to be one of the smartest, most intelligent, complex people I have ever met. He was very much still a young man in his early 20s with much to live for filled with a tremendous array of knowledge and wisdom worthy of our ears. Since that time in May we had been on quite a few adventures from the Boston Free Speech Rally and the NYC Anti-Sharia rally during May proceeded by a free speech rally down in Washington D.C. of which his speech was incomplete and censored by the Organizer of the event under the control of Richard Spencer. I also was with Matthew just several nights after the 4th of July when we were at an after party in a bar where a friend of ours named Jovi was smashed across the face with a bottle due to his pro-Trump hat. Matthew Lyons was a man who jumped right into action without hesitation and citizen’s arrested the man who attacked our friend. Matthew and I would yet again travel far and wide to the Unite the Right Rally to stand in defense of freedom of speech and the protection of a woman at great risk to his own life to ensure she was safe.

Matthew went to various other Rallies and events I was unable to attend and as always was brave and stood strong despite the odds against him. He stood up not only on May Day against several hundred Communists who wanted to fight him and the small group he was with but he even went as far as to risk his life at Charlottesville against dangerous violent militant Antifa and BLM members and just a week later went in defense of the freedom of speech toward those who stood under the Boston Commons Band Stand when 45,000 Antifa and angry protestors stood together to shut down free speech all based on a life perpetuated by the city government and media. Matthew was willing to face great harm because he believed in the cause of standing up for individual liberty regardless of the consequences of his actions in doing so.

Matthew was a man of amazing words, amazing talents and great action when it came to standing in defense of liberty and freedom for all people and it is with great sadness that he has met a tragic end to his young life. I was supposed to see my friend Matthew this weekend to have an amazing weekend with him and several others but unfortunately he passed on beyond this world into another world and he will truly be missed. I was very much blessed, fortunate, privileged, honored and will truly cherish and respect the friendship that we both shared together. I regret that Matthew and I were unable to have spent more time together during the time he had been alive but for what it is worth I truly do cherish the limited time that both of us had shared together as friends and will ensure that this memory is not forgotten so long as I live on. He was a man far wiser than many beyond his years but has left this world far too soon before he could reach his full potential.

I was grateful to have known him and will continue to honor his memory by defending the very thing that both of us stood in defense of individual liberty itself.

Thank you Matthew for being part of my life and being a man of great knowledge who had taught me many things during the time we knew one another.

Rest in Peace Matthew Lyons as you will truly be missed by more people than you even know.