Proud Boys Chairman “We are the mothe****** PROUDBOYS and we are not fu***** leaving.”

Written By: Enrique

I was told by some swamp creatures in DC that we should change our name in order to become more “marketable”. Our organization is not a fucking PR stunt. We represent your everyday Americans…

We are your neighbors
Your bar buddy
Your family
Your veterans
Your LEOs
Your homebuilders
Your mechanic
Your mailman
Your drunken annoying friend you have to carry out of the bar because of one too many Makers

But most of all.

We are your BROTHERS.

We are NOT your fucking run of the mill politicians that have to watch our words. We will NEVER capitulate to ANY demands that asks us to change.

We are the motherfucking PROUD BOYS and we are not fucking leaving.

– Enrique

34 thoughts on “Proud Boys Chairman “We are the mothe****** PROUDBOYS and we are not fu***** leaving.””

  1. I’m wanting join the chapter in NC. What is the closest chapter near me, I’m in Winston Salem NC. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. Sent email to kansas city chapter but i live in northeast kansas myself.

    Have kansas guys reach out, please and thank you.

  3. I’ve been trying to get in touch with CA Inland Empire or LA chapter for nearly a few months now about becoming a part of this. I sent emails, contacted several times on FB before it was gone. I even sought the help from a PB member from NY (via FB) who said he contacted the CA guys on my behalf (2 weeks ago) and I’ve never gotten a response. I understand there may be lots of applicants and there has been some shake-ups in the PB over the last several weeks. I sure would like to hook up with someone in this area from PB. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  4. What is the proud boys,position on restoring Natives’ lands and sovereignty over those lands aka the ‘americas’?

  5. Just saw Ann Coulter on TV tonight, saying she is protected by you guys.
    Looked you up, and find there is no Idaho chapter. I am shocked and amazed.
    If a chapter does evolve, I’m in.
    Well done gents.

  6. I would like to learn more about this organization and possibly start one in Johnstown Pa.
    I like what I hear so far.

  7. I’m glad you guys got kicked of twitter and Facebook for the simple reason that they suck and I never signed on with them. I was finally able to contact the AZ chapter though. They’re not taking recruits at this time. Probably so they can assimilate all the new guys. Well, congrats on the new position Enrique and good luck.

    1. Thank you. POYB
      You have no idea. Some of the Chapters have 20 members with 40-80 guys asking to join. Takes a while to meet those guys and make sure they’re right for the group. Lots of nuts out there to sort through. Haha Give them some time and try again.

  8. I was interested in what you got going on, but I don’t think your language skills will help the common American Patriot take you seriously enough to help your cause grow.
    Just sayin

    1. We’re not looking for the common man. Growth is not an issue for us. We don’t have time to interview all the new recruits as it is.

      1. UHURU! This is why I love all of my brother’s from every chapter that advance the case for why America is the land that people die to come to!

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