Racist Soyboy Declares Word “Marijuana” Racist

Written by John Medlar

Every time you turn around there is something else mundane being hyped up as a crime against humanity. Everything you do is “problematic” at best. But more often it is probably a warning sign that you are about to go on a killing rampage against (((innocent people))) because if you are reading this, you must be literally Hitler.

So what is it this time? What is the latest victim to be blacklisted in the commie war on words? It’s good ol’ marijuana!


Some soyboy from NowThis.com put up a video detailing the “not explicitly racist” (but you’re still racist if you use it) history of the word “marijuana.” Straight-up he admits the word itself is not racist. So how then is it racist? Because reasons. You see, apparently some stuffy old prohibitionist thought using the word “marijuana” instead of cannabis would make people associate the drug with foreigners and make it easier to ban.

The lad also admits that it’s a moot point now seeing as pot is widely accepted in the current year and people still call it marijuana. So what’s the catch? Apparently because of the intent of these old farts from nearly a hundred years ago that nobody remembers, the word “marijuana” is now tainted. And using it ignores it’s racist history.

There’s a good reason for that. Because nobody remembers (or cares). People who smoke pot are too stoned out to worry about what vernacular they use to describe it.

The video then concludes that using the “Latin” word “cannabis” is both the “technically correct and politically correct” thing to do.

Screw that noise! This racist bloke wants us to white-wash our language and purge foreign words from our lexicon? I’ll bet he’s a goose-stepping Nazi! First he wants to purge or words, next thing you know he’ll be purging minorities!

Tell all your friends to use the word “marijuana!” Say it loud and say it Proud (of Your Boy)! Because you’re not a racist and you oppose verbal genocide.