April 6th Rally In Providence Has Been Postponed

The rally that was planned for April 6th, 2019 in Providence, Rhode Island has been postponed by Resist Marxism, the organizers, at the request of the Proud Boys. We asked them to postpone the event because the date and location were too close to the upcoming trials for The NYC9. Local Proud Boys Chapters and Resist Marxism have been in talks about moving or rescheduling the rally for the past week. One of the local Proud Boys leaders explained:

“We appreciate Resist Marxism working with us to reschedule this rally. Our brothers in NYC are fighting for their freedom right now and the left will use anything we do against them. We realize the organizers of RM have already put a lot of work into planning and preparation for April 6th and a lot of people were very excited to go back to Providence. Bottom line this is a big favor they’re doing for us.”

Proud Boys Chairman Enrique Tarrio has been following the situation closely and hoped an agreement could be reached between the two groups. “Proud Boys are definitely for free speech and wouldn’t usually be for postponing a rally but this is a unique situation” said Enrique.

We understand that some people will be disappointed, but we ask that all patriots in the area support the NYC9, who are being unjustly prosecuted, the number one priority at this time. A rally in Providence would detract from those efforts. Due to the severity of the situation, the Proud Boys are asking other patriotic groups to abide by this decision to postpone the rally. Therefore, we must state that if any other group moves forward with an April rally in Providence, they will receive no support from us now or into the future.

Click Here for more information about the situation regarding the NYC9 and help them out by donating to their legal defense.