Black Women Stand With Proud Boys and Gavin McInnes

Written By: Sharika Soal

A woman who has been dragged thru drama after drama and harassed online by high profile Hollywood Resistance accounts spoke to Populist Media about her love and respect for a group of posters now banned from Twitter, The Proud Boys.

“I met the Proud Boys account in May they supported me through one of the worst attacks from the Hollywood resistance. I was honestly looking for some sort of protection,” said Sharika Soal, Celebrity Publicist, and former Hollywood Resistance member.

“My Proud Boy posted a video showing Proud Boys throwing out a white nationalist from their rally, and so I tagged them in a tweet and I was so relieved. It was the first time I had actually seen someone from the right physically show me they would not stand for the KKK infiltrating their party to terrorize my community it honestly brought me to tears I loved them instantly,” she said.

Soal was the victim of online harassment and stalking by members of the Hollywood Resistance, the group led by Alyssa Milano, after interactions in chat rooms set up by Democrats.that resulted in an investigation by the FBI

When Soal left the online chat rooms that she built, to look for support for her work exposing child crimes, she said she found understanding with the MAGA movement and inflamed hatred and anger from the Resistance also known as ANTIFA

“The PB account and I spoke off and on about spreading the message of racial unity and so we would tweet at each other. He became my bodyguard, from the hatred of the Resistance, and Twitter bestie for real. I was and still am so heartbroken that he is now banned,” she said. “The acct is gone because it seems like there was no consideration at all for the actual person behind the acct,” Soal said.


“My message The liberal press has pretty much ignored that the group is supported by black women and LGBT. When the POYB acct began to release footage of themselves denouncing KKK types joining their rallies, Twitter banned Gavin and the PB acct just a few days later. I felt it was a blatant attempt to continue to misrepresent Gavin and the PB and their true intentions for the group and the real truth that which MLK spoke of, is that we have never and will never survive without each other on this planet no matter the skin tone we truly need each other to thrive. I think we should take the headlines out of lives and begin to realize, no matter how much we blame each other it takes just as much effort to disagree as it does to stay committed to finding peace,”

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  1. I just came across MLK’s quote that the black man will fail without the white man and the white man will fail without the black man and I thought how profound that statement is. So true so true. I can’t find the exact quote.

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