6 thoughts on “Chairman Enrique Tarrio vs CNN”

  1. Finally, a man, speaking as a man that doesn’t back down to the feelings of pacifists that keep cowering and giving power to terrorist groups, lefty journalists that try to corner u with half truths and shaming about “ violence”. Violence is a tool. The fear of it is being used to control entire cities. Fighting fire with Fire actually works. Letting someone throw the first punch is noble. But it’s not a way to win when they r the aggressors and advocate the destruction of the family, America and our culture.
    Proud o ya, Proud Boys.
    Sign me up.

  2. “professional” journalist trying to push a narrative was calmly and peacefully dismantled by a man who knows the truth.

  3. Hello
    I am absolutely interested in being a Proud Boy. I’m from Texas I’m a veteran and I have worked in the oil and gas industry. I’m a real man who lives America

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