Gay, Proud and….Conservative?

Submitted by a gay Proud Boy
Yes, you read that right, I am proud to be gay but I am also proud to be right leaning. Many people find it rather bizarre that two aren’t mutually exclusive, as I have found out through personal experiences.

The most vivid example of this occured one day after finishing work. A few friends went to grab a few drinks in the pub, just close to our workplace, to talk about the recent shift in politics to Corbyn’s far left. Now, everyone knows at work that I’m gay and they have no issue with that so when I brought up the fact that I voted to leave and support The Conservative Party I hadn’t expected their look of horror mixed in equal part with confusion.

‘You can’t be a Tory, you’re gay, Conservatives hate gays!’ one of my friends said, I was baffled. I could, however, understand where this notion was coming from in that the older Tory party members allegedly do not like gays. I don’t have an issue with that, people are entitled to their own opinions and most are due to their religious beliefs, like in Mogg’s case.

This all boils down to Identity politics, because you are pigeonholed into one group you must believe what everyone else in that group believes. I’m under 25 so I must be a Labour voter, I’m working class I must be a Labour voter, I’m not rich so I must be a Labour voter. I am not, I support what the right are saying, regardless of the effect it has had on my personal relationships with former friendship groups.

I previously attended a group for LGBT youth where I made some good friends who I used to organise nights out and trips to restaurants with. In the lead up to the referendum I was increasingly excluded from the group after stating my reasons for leaving the European Union, which were mainly based on saving the NHS, border control, sovereignty and protecting our fishing waters. Instead of engaging me in dialogue to discuss and debate my stance their only response was that of any leftist who places emotions before facts, ‘you’re racist’.

I also got into many arguments with the 3rd wave feminists in our group, mainly over the alleged gender pay gap. I’d counteract their rhetoric by attempting to discuss issues that men face disproportionately but they would use the tried and tested male privilege card and try to reduce any points I tried to make. I decided to leave the group, there’s only so many times you can bang your head against the wall and expect a different result.

I soon fell in with some new friends who are also right leaning and although I was initially cautious about disclosing my sexuality due to the media portrayal of ‘right wingers’, they’ve welcomed me for me. Not for whichever pigeonhole that can place me in. One group in particular has welcomed me with open arms, the Proud Boys. Contrary to popular belief, propagated by the left, the Proud Boys have welcomed me into the fraternity and treat me no different than any other proud, western male. I get the same amount of macho banter as anyone else and wouldn’t change a thing.

In conclusion, the Proud Boys and the right in general, are not only more accepting because they don’t play identity politics but they’re also a hell of a lot more fun. I also feel safer at protests surrounded by real men as opposed to the soy consuming cucks in Antifa
Proud Boy

3 thoughts on “Gay, Proud and….Conservative?”

  1. Identity politics is nothing but a convenient manipulation of the political processes by lazy politicians. It’s easier for them to look at the voter-base as a collective, instead of individuals. Conservatism embraces individualism. I’m glad that you’re confident enough to express your views as you do, despite the obvious consternation of your peers. Keep voicing your views. Good luck, and God bless.

  2. All are welcome to support this great country, because we believe here that all are created equal and all have certain inalienable right given by God, God bless the Proud Boy’s and God bless the United States of America!

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