Gun Control – My View As An Outsider

Written By: Based Israeli – From The Israel Chapter Of The Proud Boys 2/16/2018

I’m not one to write much, and English is not my native language I apologize in advance for any mistakes.–

There are no school shootings in Israel. Not even one.

But do we have “gun control” here? You can say that.
Not every person has a gun, but some do, and others are fighting for gun rights, but..there are no “school shootings” here. Why is this the case?
My assumption is that the right to bear arms is not really about the GUN, it’s about the right to feel safe.
As you probably heard there are terror attacks in Israel, the vast majority of them are not performed by gun wielding maniacs. Back in 2002 after a devastating terror attack in a hotel 10 minutes from my house in which 30 Israelis were killed, blown up to pieces during Passover dinner with their family in “Park Hotel” in Netanya, the Israeli Defense Force went into Palestinian territories and had terrible battles (terrible for the terrorists) and confiscated most guns from the Palestinian terror groups. You can call it a type of “gun control”; so, with most of their guns gone, what did they do?

They learned how to use cars, knives, trucks, home-made bombs and suicide vests and more creative ways to cause harm. The very same tractors that we had given them license to use so they can find work and provide for their families were used as “tanks”, running over people in the streets of Jerusalem.

And nowadays, when I walk to the central station in Tel-Aviv, I feel relieved if I see a security guard with a gun, or an armed soldier, I feel safe – by proxy.
I pray that the security guard or soldier is brave and trained enough, or even in the same location as I am, to handle a bad situation should one occur, but you can never know.
What does it have to do with school shootings?
It has everything to do with it. If the intent is there to preform a horrible act against others, taking away a mere tool simply would not change anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a school, church, or at the local groceries store. I know it’s a repeated cliche argument “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” but it’s never the less a relevant and true argument.

If there will be no guns, there will be other tools to perform the very same action – I have seen it with my own eyes.
I was standing at a checkpoint near Nablus one day. It was time for me to eat lunch and was about to be relieved of guard duty by one of my friends. In front of me stood an old lady. I politely excuse myself and tell her she will be right through with a warm smile on my face as I turned to walk away.
As I walk out I hear my friend screaming behind me. The old lady apparently had a flask of acid and she had waited to be close to a soldier to strike. My friend’s face was deformed and he lost sight in one eye and 90% of sight in the other eye.

A “bad” person with intent to do harm does not care about your age, sex, religion, location, or the tool used to do it, the “bad” person will find a way to carry out his/her plan.

I used to walk around with my rifle strapped around my body; my hand always resting gently on it, making sure I am attentive and aware of it and my surroundings in high risk areas.

Unfortunately, the right to feel safe was taken from me when I was finished my military service, and I would absolutely HATE to see my dear friends in America suffer the gut wrenching feeling of feeling unsafe and looking around to find someone who can defend them if shit hits the fan.

Self preservation is what got us here. It’s what created the west and America, in all its glory. When the left is shitting on the American anthem, flag, and traditions, gun control is yet another path for the destruction of western values.

These are my two cents about gun control from an outsider’s perspective. A perspective of someone who lost his right to feel safe and wishes with all his heart, it never happens to you. UHURU.

(Pic of me from the morning coffee on that very same day at the checkpoint, probably the last picture my friend will ever take.)

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  1. Thanks for your insight. Quit honestly America is a young county. Hopefully we will be able to come up with a better way soon. Until then, let the killing continue. Truth.

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