Proud Boys Israel – Our First Meetup and Response To The SPLC Persecuting Us

Written By : Proud Boys Israel and The Green Dragon

February 24th, 2018

There is a group persecuting Jews and yes the Proud Boys are involved. But, it’s not the Proud Boys doing the persecuting, it’s the SPLC. Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know these guys and they’re great. They had their first Meetup last Saturday, just days before The SPLC labeled us a hate group. That label has already resulted in the firing of two Proud Boys in Texas. Here’s what the guys at Proud Boys Israel had to say about it along with a little about their Chapter.

I found out about Proud boys by watching Gavin McInnes on YouTube. I’ve watched a lot of his material. A year after finding them, my friend Reeve, who I met when we were in the Israeli military, introduced me to a few guys who wanted to start a chapter here. When we started our Chapter, the guys from the US gave us some ground rules to what Proud Boys stands for such as :

  • No racism in our ranks.
  • Acknowledge the west is the best.
  • No fighting in between PB brethren.

Right of the bat I liked the idea of a like minded brotherhood that works on respect and acceptance. Proud Boys let us know that we needed at least 5 guys to start our chapter, and one of the rules is we must meet up once a month and hang out together. At first, I was thinking “I don’t even know these guys. I wondered how this is going to go. To my surprise when we met, it took 3 minutes for me to feel right at home.

We laughed, talked politics, had a few drinks and went home. We posted about our Meetup on the Proud Boys facebook group and we got a lot of good responses! I never felt so much acceptance anywhere I have been. Especially on the Internet of all places. No one has made a bad remark to me even once. No one cared who we are or where we came from, they just treated us like equals. We found that Proud Boys has gay guys, straights guys, white guys, hispanic guys, black guys and now, a brand new Official Jewish Israeli Chapter. Proud Boys keeps growing and people from all countries and races are accepted. It’s not about your color or your sexual orientation. No one gives a damn who you go to bed with, which god you pray to, or if you pray. PB is about brotherhood. Just a few days ago I saw on my news feed an article from “Southern Poverty Law Center” that pushed the narrative that Proud Boys is somehow connected to white supremacy. Well, I’m here to tell you first hand that if Proud Boys has ANYTHING to do with Nazi, then they are the strangest nazis I’ve ever met. All I got from them (Reminding you I’m a jew living in Israel) is acceptance and respect. If the SPLC wants to know how “Nazi” the Proud Boys are, you can contact us, the official JEWISH ISRAELI chapter. The SPLC made a ridiculous claim with no basis. They’re slandering good people who do not deserve to be marked as hateful. I hope this gives you an idea on who and what the proud boys are all about.

Gavin McInnes, founder of the Proud Boys and supporter of Israel helped coordinate the first Meetup. I asked him what his thoughts were on the Chapter and Israel.

“My biggest problem with Israel is they are not proud enough. They need to stop apologizing and say, “This is our land. We deserve it, oh, and we love our wall.”

Proud of your boy Gavin.

I spoke with another member of their Chapter and he was shocked to hear the news. “Why are they dragging the name of our group through the mud for no apparent reason? Sorry to burst their bubble, but we’re not the imaginary Nazis they’re looking for. If you’re going to label someone, you better be doing it with solid evidence and research.” I told him, that the only evidence they’re interested in, is evidence that supports their preconceived theories. He asked me “how do they still get donations? They need to lose their jobs.”

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