Join The Proud Boys Worldwide

Despite what the #FakeNews , Fuckapedia and SPLC tell you about The Proud Boys, any man that thinks The West Is The Best can be a Proud Boy. We are NOT ALT-RIGHT. Our group accepts men of any race, any religion and both gay and straight. We have Chapters popping up all over the world. There’s Proud Boys in Israel, China, Japan and other countries that they’ll never tell you about. To join, visit our Chapters Page and contact the Chapter closest to you. New chapters are being added all the time. Some chapters have not submitted information to the site and are not yet listed.

4 thoughts on “Join The Proud Boys Worldwide”

  1. Hi there! Proud western chauvinist here. My name is Dolan and I have recently moved to Portland from HI, I like babies alot and don’t understand why the left is so adament to KILL them! I also hate facism, so antifa has to GO! #merica

    1. Yes there is. Go to the Chapters page on this site and find the closest Chapter to you. Not all Chapters are listed.

  2. I am interested in learning more about the Proud Boys organization. Having followed recent events in NYC and Portland, let alone the insanity of the left in every aspect. I believe the need to organize is now.

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