The NYC 9

On October 12th, police were escorting a small group of Proud Boys from a talk at Manhattan’s Republican Club to the subway. As is made very clear in video surveillance footage, they were then ambushed by masked, leftist extremists who threw a bottle at them and began attacking. Proud Boys defended themselves and no arrests were made until the mayor, the Attorney General, and governor Cuomo decided this would be a good opportunity to deflect from the #JobsNotMobs narrative and portray the right as violent too.

Since then, 9 Proud Boys have been apprehended by police and given charges as serious as felony rioting. The media is portraying these men as part of an “Alt-Right hate group” despite the fact that two of the four white men arrested have black wives and kids (the other “Proud Boys of interest” aren’t even white). These are just patriots who love this country living in a left-wing city that hates them.

Please purchase one of these wrist bands in solidarity with innocent men everywhere who are persecuted by big government opportunists who want to further their career at all costs. 100% of the proceeds will go to legal fees and surrounding costs.