PayPal Bans 1776.Shop For Having Proud Boys Products

Written By: The Return Of Man

On the same day that Journalist Laura Loomer was banned from PayPal, the site 1776.Shop was targeted for it’s association with the Proud Boys.

Laura has been making a lot of news lately and they want her shut down just like they’ve been trying to shut us down. They think if they can take away your social media and fundraising, it’ll stop you. Deplatforming makes it a little harder in some ways, but it makes it easier in other ways. Look at what they’re doing to Laura right now. If they ignored her, most people wouldn’t even see her work. Now we’re talking about her because PayPal cut her off.

Proud Boys and Laura Loomer are not the only targets for these companies. Gavin McInnes, Alex Jones, Cassandra Fairbanks, Tara LaRosa and many others have been banned from one or more of these companies for their wrong think. Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, GoFundMe and others have been banning conservatives more and more since the 2016 election and it seemed to accelerate leading up to the 2018 election.

Information found on the home page at 1776.Shop describes it as a central hub for a long list of conservative entrepreneurs and fundraisers. How many of these conservatives were deplatformed yesterday because of the far left and it’s Proud Boys witch-hunt?
“ is a trading post built By The People for The People. Largely focusing on charitable contributions, such as cancer research, veteran programs, disaster relief efforts, projects, and events among the many fundraising platforms offered through the site. This is accomplished thru our custom wristbands. We at believe that government is not the answer to our problems. That is why we built our own platform where like-minded individuals can raise awareness for causes as well as donate. Via our central hub, we are able to effectively connect you to merchandise from a long list of verified conservative sellers, you can rest assured knowing that your money doesn’t fund globalism, but rather the people. With major corporations funding causes that deteriorate our republic stands with the American people in preserving the vision that our founding fathers entrusted to us.”

The person I spoke to at the store confirmed that this isn’t the first time they’ve had this happen. They also said that the Shop was only down for a few hours, so not much business was lost on the site.