Proud Boys Michigan Chapter’s Response To Kalamazoo DPS Press Conference

The membership of Proud Boys Michigan Chapter (PBMC) were happy to watch the press conference given by the leadership of the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety, today. During the press conference KDPS Chief Karianne Thomas and especially Deputy Chief Vernon Coakley grudgingly but completely exonerated PBMC for any unlawful action or wrong doing related to the Flag Wave March that PBMC conducted August 15th in Kalamazoo. During the press conference members of the media were briefed by KDPS leadership that:

  1. Proud Boys did NOT instigate violence.
  2. That members of the “Counter Protestors,” (Lets be real, it was Antifa) did attack peaceful Proud Boys, who fought back.
  3. Pastor Nathan Dannison invited an armed left-wing militia to occupy parts of downtown Kalamazoo, even rewarding them with flowers for their efforts. No, we aren’t kidding. Flowers. This militia’s intent was to take over parts of downtown Kalamazoo, and for over an hour they succeeded – until that is, PBMC showed up.
  4. Uses of force by PBMC were consistent with self defense provisions of Michigan Law. Proud Boys never attacked any innocent people, but used lawful self-defense.

While the acid in Chief Thomas’ mouth was palatable during the conference (She loves us), we are grateful that a truthful account of what occurred on August 15th has finally been publicly told. We would note that the KDPS account of events on August 15th sound nearly identical to our own account of those events. Certainly, there is quite a gulf between narratives put forth by “News,” reported by mainstream media sources and the report by KDPS, as well as our own account. Perhaps they will print retractions now that the truth has come to light? We bet not.

Addressing Chief Thomas directly. Yes, we accomplished our goals that day as you stated during the press conference today. Our goal was to demonstrate that Republicans who support the President of the United States in public will be attacked in your city, which you refuse to police effectively.

You should start doing that, because we WILL be back….