8 thoughts on “Proud Boys Sizzle Reel”

  1. I am completely enthralled with the Proud Boys and everything they stand for. I have been looking for this my entire life. I grew up without a family and I’ve always been pulled towards, organizations let’s say, and you guys are the first one that I have ever found that would make my old man proud. Just waiting to hear back from my local chapter…

  2. Too bad there isn’t a proud girls group. I’m tired of people thinking I’m less of a woman because I don’t support women’s lib and have a career. I’ve been at home for many years and believe children need their moms at home. I think America went downhill in the 60’s with women’s lib. She should take care of her man and the children with a good home and good home-cooked meals.
    God intended for her to be his helper. He should come first before the children. However, God knows best. He has a laid a responsibility on the husband to cherish her as stated in Ephesians 5. Cherishing means you never take her for granted and do the little things that make her happy. Tell her you love her everyday. If men would do that she would be fulfilled and won’t need to work outside the home.

    1. I agree!!! I’m
      A woman veteran and mother. I homeschooled my children and I’m tired of the emasculation of men in this country. My husband is looking to join proud boys.

      1. There are many quite Trump conservative supporters here in Hawaii. I am certain that many if us would like to have a louder voice.
        Does your fine organization have a Chapter in Hawaii ?

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