South Carolina Proud Boys Gather Clothing for those in Need

Written By: Gallus Magnus 12/17/2018

In the early afternoon on most Saturday mornings, most people are barely out of bed. But this last Saturday, members of the local community, including members of the South Carolina Proud Boys, gathered together at South Carolina Uplift, a charity organization designed to help find better housing and resources for the homeless or less fortunate in the state. In the state capital of Columbia, volunteers from across the state came together to volunteer their time and energy to gather clothing donations for the local homeless population.

All in all, over 300 clothing items and blankets were gathered by the Proud Boys to help the less fortunate of the area as winter sets in. Men, women, and children will be able to keep warm this season, and many more to come, thanks to the efforts of these volunteers, and the Proud Boys specifically. The Proud Boy coordinating and leading this fantastic volunteer event was characteristically modest when asked what his motivation was for putting in so much effort for this event, saying “It’s all about bettering yourself and staying humble. I’ve been where these people are, I know the struggle. It’s not charity, it’s basic human decency, we are responsible for our community. Everyone needs help sometimes.”

This is just one example of many of the community service events that the Proud Boys put on, showing that they aren’t just willing to talk about bettering their communities and their society, but being about it as well. Especially this holiday season, Proud Boys around the country are taking time out of their day to improve themselves and their communities by volunteering at soup kitchens, homeless shelters, clothing drives like this one, and even more well-known events like Toys for Tots and Operation Christmas Child. While many on the Left and Antifa (but I repeat myself) stay inside on their computers seeking to publicly destroy groups like the Proud Boys, these men are going out and making a difference. Proud of Your Boy.

Gallus Magnus

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  1. Hey the clothing drive is great. I have gotten my girl and our kids and gathered up some clothes around the house here also and will be dropping them at a donation spot.
    Merry Christmas from the city of brotherly love.

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