Tommy Robinson Supporters Labeled ‘Militants’ by The Telegraph

Written By : Gallus Magnus

Another day, another Left-wing article dripping with conflation, obfuscation, and outright propaganda. Coming from The Telegraph in the UK, the coverage is on Tommy Robinson’s upcoming ‘Brexit Betrayal’ march to protest the Prime Minister Theresa May’s current rapid departure from the promises she made concerning Britain’s exit from the European Union. This of course is an issue firmly in Robinson’s wheelhouse, as he was recently hired as an official adviser for UKIP, the British political party leading the Brexit cause. You can of course read the full article, but let’s analyze this for what it is: an unabashed hit-piece on not only Tommy Robinson and his supporters, but on some of the most fundamental liberties that exist in the Western World.

The title itself brings things to a provocative start, claiming “Met police fear violent clashes over march by far-right ‘Brexit Betrayal’ militants.” Militants, The Telegraph labels these protestors. The vague smear of “far-right” is well known and far overused at this point, but to name historically non-violent protesters as “militant” is new. One wonders what they may refer to Antifa as, a group notorious for its violence and unbridled rage-filled destruction across the United States and Europe.

In the first sentence, and repeated on several occasions after, the terms “counter-protestors,” “anti-fascist,” and “anti-racist,” all benign or admirable titles, seem to appear when describing groups in part or in whole aligned with Antifa, a group that has caused millions of dollars in damages and hundreds of personal injuries in the US and Europe, as well as being declared a domestic terrorist organization by the Department of Homeland Security in the US. The article goes on to describe the alleged but wholly unfounded schemes of Tommy Robinson and company to use the Brexit Betrayal march as a “cover for racist and Islamophobic thugs to intimidate ethnic minority Londoners,” with a laundry list of accusations against Robinson himself and his previous associations.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a proper hit-piece from the Left without summoning everyone’s favorite comparison, the Nazis. Professor Michael Rosen, who was apparently asked for comment for no reason other than his familial background and political beliefs, declared that “Two generations ago, in France and Poland, my family was ripped apart by fascists and their collaborators, with lives ended in the orgy of hate and brutality that raged across Europe.” No one thought to ask him what his thoughts were on those using violence and destruction to shut down free speech on the Left, or their collaborators in the media and British government.

The Labour’s Shadow chancellor also chimed in, crowing that “This isn’t about Brexit, it’s about far right extremists dressing up in suits and pretending to be respectable.” So it’s clear how he feels about those that march peacefully in suits at least. No word yet on how he feels about those that dress in black and hide their faces while waving flags from totalitarian regimes, attacking peaceful protestors, or throwing firebombs at police.

But perhaps the most concerning part of this article comes from one of the top police officials in London, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lawrence Taylor, who states “The right to protest is a fundamental right in our democratic society, but this right must be balanced against the right of the people to go about their day without fear of violence, disorder, or disruption.” That “but” after declaring the right to protest should send a chill up every reader’s spine. That someone sworn to uphold and defend the law so quickly casts it aside in the name of convenience. If the government can so quickly degrade or remove a right, then it really isn’t a right at all.