Violent Leftists Videos

Written By : Seattle Stevo
Here is a list of videos of liberals and Antifa fanatics attacking, harassing and intimidating people, destroying property and in many cases talking (or screaming) about the importance and wisdom of behaving this way. Many of these videos are quite shocking and some of the most shocking ones do not appear on YouTube. YouTube appears to be restricting access to them either by removing them, censoring / not allowing them, or requiring a login to access them. For example, the Antifa bike lock attacker video was shown on many prime time news shows but for some reason YouTube feels that making you log in to ensure that you’re 18 is necessary to view this video. If you’re not sure how that one turned out, local law enforcement gave him a slap on the wrist, no jail, felony charges dropped, and a misdemeanor charge. Nice going Alameda County Superior Court. Rest assured that a guy in a MAGA hat (would never happen) vs. a coward in a black mask, would have been tagged with attempted murder.

Anyway please take a look at these. You can find many more. I stuck with the short ones so I think you can watch all of this in under 40 minutes. I guarantee that it will make an impression. There are lots of people who don’t want you, or anyone else, seeing this.

Antifa attack

Antifa attack

Antifa attack

Antifa stabbing

And another

And another – this young starlet is instructing her peers to be more violent and berating a white guy who’s an ally, for being white.

Conservative female reporter gets pushed around

Masked thugs attack ex Marines

Not Antifa but funny video of a Democrat elected official MASSIVELY abusing her power

montage of Antifa violence

infiltration of Antifa – some scary stuff

Burning, vandalism, the usual stuff

$600k in policing fees to protect Shapiro’s ability to speak, despite massive Antifa presence & threats

Antifa attack

Liberal tolerance. What?

Antifa attack

Antifa attack – u-lock guy. Not available directly on youtube except through a local news clip.