Western Chauvinism Still Alive In Portland

May 1st, Portland Oregon

Written by : Matteo

A beautiful sunny day with a light breeze. Perfect for going out to display some western chauvinism, on a day that is normally dedicated to protests against America.
About 20 men gathered close by Llyod center mall and made their way to the 12th st bridge while waving American flags and cheerfully interacting with people as they passed by.

Most of the interactions were peaceful and encouraging, with only a few disgruntled onlookers. Despite what media will tell you, Portland is still a patriotic place.
At one point another group of patriots approached with an invitation to go and act foolishly, which was declined.
The group eventually moved on to join up with another patriot group who were waiting several blocks away.
Our brothers stayed at the bridge, continuing to show love for our great country while pedestrians and motorists honked and cheered for old glory.
As evening set in, it was time to pack up and get some beers. The day had been a success. No fights. No riots. No turf wars. No bull shit.
Even while other people marched across the city disrupting daily commutes and business routes.
Our boys showed people we can stand for America and have fun doing it, without the need for violence or vitriolic rhetoric.
Proud of your Boy!

4 thoughts on “Western Chauvinism Still Alive In Portland”

  1. Well done. Being friendly to locals and establishing a good sense of community. Way to go Portland. Killing it out there. Brotherhood at its finest.


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